In order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment, in accordance with Article 10) of the Accommodation contract for Miyama Futon and breakfast thatched cottages we require guests to comply with the following terms. If these terms are not adhered to in accordance with Article 11) of the accommodation contract we may require guests to leave during their stay.

Not to use equipment that may start a fire in the rooms.
Our cottages are completely no smoking.
As we are in a residential area we require guests not to be excessively loud (including within the cottage) or in any way anti social to the local residents.
Do not bring any of the following items into our cottages.

a) Animals or birds

b)Extremely bad smelling items

c) Excessive quantities of items

d) Explosive or highly flammable materials

e) Illegal weapons including blades or guns

f) Marijuana, or illegal drugs of any kind

No gambling or morally corrupt behaviour of any kind.
No leading people improperly into the accommodation.
Items within the accommodation must not be removed and they must be used for their appropriate purpose.
No external items are to be installed into our accommodation.
The following times are a list of our operating hours. Please respect them. In special circumstances we will make allowances.

(1) Our staff service (staff on call) is from 7am until 9pm.
(2) Our breakfast is usually served at 8am but can be changed from 7am until 9am.