Article 1) Use of this contract

This contract of use lays out the terms and conditions for use of the aforementioned cottages and accommodation. Anything not specified in this contract is to be decided by law and or by what may be considered normal practices.

Article 2) Right to refuse

In the following cases we may refuse to enter into a contract for accommodation.

(1) When the reservation process violates this contract.

(2) When the accommodation is already full,

(3) When and if we have decided that the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation display anti social behaviour.

(4) When the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation fall into any of the following categories.

a) Those belonging to violent groups or groups associated with violent or antisocial behaviour.

b) Any group in which a prominent member has been associated with groups involved with violent or antisocial behaviour.

(5) When the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation display anti social or unfriendly behaviour towards other guests.

(6) When the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation have a dangerous infectious disease that may pose a risk to staff or other guests.

(7) When the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation make unreasonable requests or violent threats.

(8) When due to natural disasters or unusual weather there is no choice, but to close the accommodation temporarily.

(9) When the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation are excessively drunk and behave in an anti social manner in the neighbourhood around the accommodation or to other guests.

(10) When the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation have brought with them dangerous substances or weapons.

(11) In the case where the 5th prefectural law on accommodation applies.

(12) When the individual(s) wishing to use the accommodation have violated the 11th rule of this contract in the past.

Article 3) Clarification of names and personal information

We require the following information from guests wishing to stay at our accommodation

a) Name, address, sex, phone number, nationality and profession.

b) Date of stay at our accommodation, planned arrival time, name of company and the name and address of the individual making the booking.

c) Payment for accommodation.

d) Additional information in the case that it is required by Miyama Futon and breakfast thatched cottages.

If the guests wish to stay longer than their original reservation this will be allowed if payment is received in advance and there is no existing reservation for the dates in question. Such an extension of stay will be considered a new contract.

Article 4) Conditions for entry into the accommodation contract

After receiving a valid application from guests (with the information specified in Article 3) we require payment of the booking fee (the fee for accommodation) within 1 week of the application (not including bank holidays and days off, please pay any bank fees required for the transaction). In the case that Miyama Futon and breakfast thatched cottages doesn't acknowledge the guests application as valid and correct the contract for accommodation is null and void.
The booking fee is the same amount as the charge for use of the accommodation and in accordance with Article 5), a cancellation fee will be required when cancelling, if less than 100% of the booking fee the difference will be returned to the guest.

If payment is not received by the specified date the booking will be cancelled.
Bookings will be accepted from 9am 4 months prior to the requested use of the accommodation and no later than 9am 3 days prior to the requested date of use.n

Article 5) Cancellation of reservations

We charge a cancellation fee as follows when a guest with a reservation cancels all or part of their reservation (this includes meals and various other services that we provide).

a) For our rental cottages we require a 100% of the cost of accommodation when the cancellation is on the same day the guest is due to stay. 70% the day before the guest is due to stay, 50% from 4 days before the date of stay, 30% 7 days before the date of stay, 20% from 14 days before the date of stay and 10% from 30 days before the date of stay.

b) If guests do not arrive before 8pm on the day they are booked to stay at our accommodation and if we have not received any communication informing us of the issue we will consider the reservation to have been cancelled. This also applies when the guest is more than 2 hours later than their estimated arrival time and no communication concerning the delay has been made.

c) If a guest has reserved for several nights and chooses to leave early cutting their stay short, this will be treated as a cancellation and a cancellation fee of 1 days accommodation charge will apply.

d) In the case where a guest does not arrive on the date of their reservation and has not informed us of the problem, we will not require payment of the cancellation fee where the guest can demonstrate that the delay was not their fault (delayed flights and trains and bad weather conditions etc). However we do require that the guest inform us of this issue as soon as they can, if we receive no communication on the matter the cancellation fee will be charged.

Article 6) Right to nullify the contract for use of accommodation

Miyama Futon and breakfast thatched cottages reserves the right to nullify the contract of use of our accommodation facilities in the following cases (as well as for other reasons stated elsewhere in this document).

Article 2) From Conditions 3) to 12) (when any of these conditions apply).
Article 3) Condition 1) ( When we do not receive the information or if we receive false information).
Article 4) In the case where the booking fee has been requested but not paid within the allotted time limit.

In all of the above cases, upon nullifying the contract for use of the accommodation, we will return any payment that has already been made by the guest.

Article 7) Keeping records

On the day of arrival at our accommodation we will keep records of the following, please provide the following information.

1) The information specified in Article 3)

2) For foreign guests passport number, the date of arrival in and departure from Japan.

3) Departure day and time from our accommodation.

4) Any other information we require.

5) For foreign guests who do not have a permanent address in Japan, we will take a copy of your passport.

Article 8) Check in and check out times

Our check in time is at 3pm and from this time you may enter our accommodation. Check out time is at 10am and you must leave at this time on the day of departure.

When possible we may allow early arrivals and late departures and require the following fee in this case.

1) From 12am until 3pm 3000 Yen per hour (early check in).

2) From 10am until 12am 300Yen per hour (late check out). Any later than 12am and we will charge one extra nights accommodation fee.

When staying more than one night there are no such restrictions on use for the days in between arrival and departure dates.

Article 9) Payment

We require payment by the specified date into our Japanese bank account, or by Paypal or by credit card (in the case of credit card the company [J reserve] take care of our credit card transactions). Once guests have arrived and entered our accommodation we require full payment even if guests do not choose to spend the night.

Article 10) Conditions of use

Guests staying in our accommodation must comply with our terms and conditions of use, which are laid out in a separate document.

Article 11) Refusal of continuation of stay

In the following cases we may refuse the right to continue your stay with us.

(1) When Article 2) Condition (3) through (12) apply

(2) When someone other than a specified guest stays in our accommodation

(3) When guests to not comply with our terms and conditions (mentioned in Article 10))

(4) When guests refuse to comply with our rules about smoking in the house or tampering with smoke detecting equipment.

(5) When any of the recorded guest information (See Article 7)) is shown to be false.

Article 12) When we are unable to provide the services stated in the contract for providing accommodation

In the case that we are unable to fulfil our accommodation contract, we will provide alternative accommodation for the guests.
When this is not possible we will pay a fee to the guests which will cover all expenses incurred by our inability to fulfil the contract.
However, when the inability to provide accommodation (fulfil the contract) is due to circumstances not in our control and we are not to blame then no such reimbursement will apply.

Article 13) Guests entrusting possessions

Miyama Futon and breakfast thatched cottages does not offer a service for guests to entrust their possessions with us.
We will not take responsibility for the loss or damage of guests possessions whilst staying in our accommodation.

Article 14) Baggage and precious items

Luggage can be temporarily stored in our accommodation, but not after guests have checked out.
After check out upon finding valuable items (including those left in the safe) we will keep them for 7 days, after which we will deliver them to the nearest police station. For other items we they will be thrown away.

Article 15) Car park

We have free parking spaces for guests, please let us know if you wish to use our free parking at the time you make your reservation.
We do not take responsibility for looking after cars left in the car park.

Article 16) Waiver of responsibility for using our internet service

We have a wireless internet network for computers, but guests must use it on their own responsibility. If there is is problem with the internet service that causes damage to the computer of a guest we will not be held responsible.

Article 17) Responsibility of the guests

If our accommodation is intentionally damaged or damaged due to negligence on the part of guests, we may choose to receive appropriate compensation for the damage.

Article 18) Application and jurisdiction of the accommodation contract

If there is a dispute regarding the contents and application of this contract it is to be settled in a Kyoto district court according to Japanese law.