Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How long does it take to get to the accommodation from Kyoto Station?

Our location is about 40 kilometres from Kyoto station.
  By car it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
If you are using public transport you need to take a train to Sonobe from Kyoto which takes 46  minutes. Then we will pick you up and transport you to your accommodation via our shuttle bus   (35 minutes drive).

Q: Where is Miyama?

Miyama is in Kyoto Prefecture about 40 kilometres north of Kyoto city.

Q:What is Miyama famous for?

Miyama is famous for its thatched cottages and beautiful scenery.

Miyama is a collection of small villages encompassed by beautiful mountains, the name Miyama means "beautiful mountain". This old village lifestyle, living surrounded by nature and in harmony with nature is called "Satoyama" in Japanese.
While much of Japan has lost its "Satoyama" roots the people of Miyama maintain a strong connection with nature in their daily lifestyle.

The pace of life is slow and this is the perfect place to unwind in between visiting Japans bustling, crowded cities.

Q:What is there to do in Miyama?

There are many hiking trails and outdoor activities available in Miyama. These include fishing, hiking, canoeing, snow shoeing and rafting. We provide free bicycles and an English map of the area so you and your party can explore at your own pace.

We also provide a number of ACTIVITIES

There are also a number of cultural activities you can take part in.
These include gathering and cooking local wild plants and herbs, wearing Kimono, glass blowing, Japanese cooking classes and basket weaving.

Q:What time of year is best to visit Miyama?

It depends on what you want to do, Spring (Late March~Early June) and Autumn (Sept~Nov) are the most comfortable seasons for hiking and the temperature is the most agreeable. Summer is the best season for rafting, fishing and river activities while winter is ideal for snow shoeing.

Q:How much does it cost for the pick up and delivery to Sonobe station?

The pick up and delivery is free and a part of our customer service.

Q:Are there shops near the accommodation?

No, in Miyama there are no big supermarkets or shops, only small local shops and markets with limited stocks. There is a supermarket in Sonobe and we can stop and help you with some shopping for supplies as part of the service.

Q:What about food?

We provide and serve a full breakfast for customers at Futon and Breakfast and a simple self service breakfast for Kaya villa.
On request we can also provide local vegetables and meat for you to cook your own food in the fully equipped kitchen.
We provide a number of ACTIVITIES involving making Japanese food with locals which include a full meal as part of the activity.
There is a supermarket in Sonobe and many of our customers stop there and buy supplies to cook their own meals during their stay. We can assist you with your shopping.