Hanabusa is a traditional thatched cottage fully reformed and complete with all the modern conveniences. Built in the Edo period, the house is 150 years old and registered as a site of cultural heritage. It is a beautiful example of traditional thatched architecture.

  • Sleeps 10 comfortably (can accommodate parties up to 15)
  • Ideal for people interested in Japanese history and architecture.
  • A full served breakfast made from local produce is included.

Floor plan


Japanese hearth


Extremely spacious for Japan the downstairs has several large rooms, the largest of which is the combined kitchen and dining area. The kitchen has been renovated and is fully modern and equipped with everything you might need to cook your own dinner if you prefer to cater for yourself.The adjoining dining area has tables and chairs as well as an old Japanese hearth.

large room

tea ceremony room

japanese engawa

There is a large room with traditional straw mat flooring for relaxing or sleeping in.
as well as a smaller tea room humbly yet beautifully decorated for the purposes of Japanese tea ceremony.




Down stairs there are 2 modern water flushed toilets and a fully modern gas heated bath.


thatched loft space

thatched roof from inside

Make your up the staircase to find the real charm of the thatched roof.
There is room for 12 to sleep on futons (simple floor based matts) and there is also plenty of comfy seating for you to relax and enjoy this cosy natural space. If members of your group prefer private sleeping areas there are 2 separate rooms downstairs you can sleep in as well as the upstairs thatched area.




Outside there is a lovely Japanese rock garden and a special "Kura" to enjoy.
The "Kura" is a separate building used for various ceremonies.

Around the house

winter river



spring rice field





local ingredients

prepared by our staff

A full breakfast is provided, this uses quality local ingredients such as Miyama milk, local bread, free range eggs, free range sausages, butter, Jam etc.
Our cottages are in the deep countryside so there is nowhere nearby to buy food. Customers with a car can drive to the local markets to buy food, but we recommend you visit a shop and stock up before you come to Miyama. For visitors coming by train we can stop at a supermarket on the way from the train station to the cottage, our staff can help you find what you need. We also provide sets of ingredients for a barbecue and other snacks, but these must be ordered at least 3 days before your arrive.

We also offer activities including JAPANESE COOKING EXPERIENCE, in which you can learn about and take part in preparing a traditional Japanese meal with the help of local Japanese housewives.

We can also prepare meals on request and vary the menu for long stay guests, on request we can cook vegetarian or vegan food.