Landmark is a thatched roof bathroom cabin


Located in the heart of a small hamlet adjacent to the clear flowing waters of Yura river, EISA cottage has a large wooden deck from which you can admire the surrounding landscape. You can visit this cottage with your pet if you like which is rare in Japan. Also, there is an enclosed dog running field within the premises (available from summer 2022). A newly established annex hut is fully equipped with two beds, small kitchen space, shower and lavatory, highly recommended for the guests with 2 families in one group. After enjoying BBQ dinner together at wood deck terrace, sleep at separate private rooms. Anyone wanting a traditional experience in a luxurious mountain getaway is sure to be delighted with a stay at EISA.


Fragrant cypress wood bath

The fragrant cypress wood bathtub is positioned under a thatched roof and has a fantastic view that you can enjoy while you bathe. There are shower rooms and changing rooms, so you can change your clothes after you enjoy nearby river.


Private minibar

This modernised farmhouse cottage retains its rustic charm, though we have added new features such as a draft beer server, a minibar and a wine cellar.
Note: Draft beer must be purchased by the keg in advance. All drinks and alcoholic beverages you used will be charged at your check-out


Large wooden deck

The cottage has a large wooden deck from which you can admire the surrounding landscape.  The clear Yura Rivier flows next to the facility and you can feel the murmur of the river. Fireflies fly in early summer. Fully enjoy private BBQ in the vast nature.


Facility Photos

img20220330142903637311.jpg img20220330133415966879.jpg img20220330133412035090.jpg img20220330133411992346.jpg img20220330133417625443.jpg img20220330133419808095.jpg img20220330133410671072.jpg img20220330133406096084.jpg img20220330142903633789.jpg img20220330142903634127.jpg d75_0022_1_original_20190619094834739_2.jpg ワンちゃんと一緒にご滞在可能 501_2117.jpg ワンちゃんグッズ 無料レンタル 501_2067.jpg 501_2088.jpg BBQコンロ無料レンタル 501_2134.jpg トランプ/カードゲーム/ジェンガ 無料レンタル 501_2014.jpg 別棟EISAVilla 501_2029.jpg 別棟EISAVilla 501_2048.jpg 別棟EISAVilla 501_2058.jpg 別棟EISAVilla 501_2061.jpg 別棟EISAVilla 501_2041.jpg 別棟EISAVilla


Facility Details

  • Type
    • Thatched old folk house with a thatched roof bathroom cabi
    • No smoking in the facility
  • Size
    • 99㎡+Wood deck
    • Villa (separate room) is available for more than 5 people.
  • Number of guests
    • 8 people (more than 8 people can be arranged)
  • Hours of use
    • Check-in time 15:00
    • Check-out time 10:00
  • Rates
    • Varies depending on the season and number of guests.
      Please check the list of plans on the reservation page.

About Wi-Fi 
Please note that the connection service may experience slower communication speeds depending on your terminal environment, the number of devices connected, and line congestion.


This is an old wooden thatched house surrounded by nature. We do our best to keep insects out of the house, but there are times when they do appear.


  • Futon bedding sets (comforter/mattress/blanket/pillow) 5 sets of electric blankets
  • Draft beer server Water cooler dispenser installed
  • Car parking space for 4 cars
  • Wireless LAN support Free WiFi connection
  • *Please note the above
  • Safety box
  • Bicycle rental (500 yen per ride/insurance and tax included)
  • Local sake, wine and beer available in the refrigerator (charged)

Other Facilities or items available without Charge

  • BBQ stove and fire shears rental (grill net and charcoal are available for an additional fee)
  • BBQ space available on the wood deck.
  • Leisure Seat/Outdoor Cushion
  • Healing CDs / Picture books for children / Playing cards / Jenga
  • Several kinds of card games /USB audio system
  • Bluetooth connection with your device is available.
  • Rental items at the Reception n.b. limited number is available
  • Astronomical telescope (with instruction manual) / Go / Shogi / Life jacket
  • Equipments

    Bath /Toilet /Island kitchen /Convection microwave oven /Toaster oven /Rice cooker /Refrigerator with freezer /Dishes and chopsticks /Tableware and chopsticks /Gas stove /Cooking utensils set /Cooking utensils /Pots and earthenware pots /Electric kettle /Hand drip coffee  /Fan /Air conditioner /Hair dryer /Washing machine /Oil fan heater
  • ※Unfortunately, there is no TV
  • Amenities

    Kitchen detergent / Sponge / Cloth / Wrap / Aluminum foil / Toothbrush / Cotton / Cotton swab / Hand soap / Body soap / Shampoo / Conditioner / Face towel / Bath towel / Coffee / Black tea / Green tea / Herb tea / Mineral water / Laundry detergent
  • ※Unfortunately, we do not provide room clothes.
Please inform us in advance if you are bringing your dog.
・Up to 2 dogs (small or medium-sized dogs weighing 20 kg or less) are allowed.
・If your dog is not up to date on rabies and vaccinations, you will need to present a health certificate from a veterinarian. Only dogs that are potty-trained and do not bark are allowed.
・Please wear diapers and manner belts for children who have a habit of marking.
・Please do not leave your dog unattended at the inn for long periods of time.
・Do not put your dog in the bath tub.
・Sleeping together in bedding is prohibited.
・Please do not leave feces or urine in the yard. Please clean up and flush the area.
・If you excrete in a place other than the designated place, please report the place.
・If feces and urine are found left inside or outside the facility after check-out, you will be charged 50,000 yen as a cleaning fee.
・In the event of significant damage to equipment or fixtures, the actual cost will be charged.
・Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during your dogs stay.
・If we receive complaints about your dogs from the neighborhood, we may ask you to leave even if your stay.
・Be sure to use a leash when taking a walk outside, and do not let your dog run loose.

EISA pet fee: free

The following items are available in the facility for guests with dogs.

Bait container/water container/roller/deodorant/pet circle/foot wipe sheet/non-slip mat

※2 small dogs or 1 medium-sized dog may be brought into the facility.
Please apply at the time of reservation and pay the fee at the reception on the day of use.