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Rental Cottage

Thatched Roof Rental Cottage

Stay as if you were living in an old private house in Miyama

All of them can be rented out to a group of guests for a luxurious stay.

Our cottages are scattered throughout the various villages in Miyama region.  Miyama is the region well known in Japan for its traditional village atmosphere with many small hamlets nestled between steep forested mountains, nearby Kyoto City.
There are different types of cottages with unique characteristics, from a 150-year-old traditional thatched roof house to a modern villa type thatched roof house with terrace, as well as the cottage with a bar, wine cellar and draft beer server or a cottage with a lawn and outdoor BBQ area. Further, some of our cottages can accommodate dogs. Stay together with your family or friends to relax and unwind yourself.

Miyama FUTON&Breakfast Honkan

150 years old thatched roof house
Registered as a site of cultural heritage by Japanese government


Attic, Suikinkutsu (water harp cave), chicken coop
Hearth, 150 years old thatched roof house


Allow your dog to stay overnight. There is a annex villa.


Japanese cypress bath,
wooden deck terrace, bar counter


Allowing your dog to stay, Two-story villa type


Wooden deck terrace, Wide grass lawn
Cypress bath, Modern villa type cottage


150 years old thatched roof house


Wide lawn space
“Irori” hearth


BBQ space with “kamado” fireplace, Japanese traditional house


Available for large groups
Old private house, “Irori” fireplace
Cypress bath


Any style you may like

The cottages are equipped with modern kitchen where you can enjoy cooking together with your friends and family. Miyama’s local produce meats and/or vegetables or catering food service from local restaurants are also available. Also, during your stay, enjoy various activities such as cycling tour, thatching experience, bamboo craft.

Return to Nature


Our sustainability initiatives

Kayabuki, all made from natural resources

Kayabuki, or “Japanese traditional thatching skill,” was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2020 as one of traditional Japanese architectural craftmanship techniques. The materials used for thatched roofs, thatch, bamboo, and wood, are sustainable materials that return to nature by reusing old thatch as compost for the fields.

Thatched village in Miyama

Eco friendly accommodation

We try to provide plastic-free products as possible. Amenities include bamboo toothbrushes and toothpaste tablets. We continue to serve locally produced food and ingredients. Breakfast jam is served in jars and eggs in paper cartons. We have been using non-petroleum based detergents for cleaning since our opening.

Thatched roof


Operated by the kayabuki thatcher in Miyama

Thatching culture involves long history of living in nature lifestyle in Japan. Nature had been wisely utilized in number of ways in life in Japan and thatched house is one of such wisdoms converted into tangible form. We would like our guests to feel traditional thatched room house as if they are living there and learn about sustainable lifestyle continued in those houses for many years in Japan. Please feel thatched roof house lifestyle during your stay.

Kayabuki is the entrusted skill from ancient period

by Yaneharu

I’m “Yaneharu,” a thatcher and the founder of Miyama Futon&Breakfast. In my 20’s, I came to Miyama to become an apprentice to the master of thatch who had been actively going around Japan and abroad at the time. The master used to say “I cannot take my skills and knowledge with me when I die.” I learned from him that indigenous thatching skill in Japan had been passed down for generations from ancient period. The skill is not merely an individual skill but it’s the entrusted skill from ancestors handed down generation to generation. I’m so proud being one of the descendants of “kayabuki artisans” in Japan. My theme is to revitalize the entrusted thatching skill in modernized Japan in 21st century.

About us

Key concepts "Sustainability", "Local" and "Sincerity”.

We are a small local company with 10 members of staff. The main part of the company is thatching, and the President (Mr Haruo Nishio) is one of 50 thatchers left in Japan. As well as thatching roofs including sites of cultural heritage we offer two (soon to be more) thatched cottages for holiday rentals.
Our company prides itself on being part of and contributing to the local community here in Miyama and caring for the environment. We employ locals where possible and use local produce at every opportunity. We believe that sustainable local supplies of foods and resources is key to building a successful prosperous community.
We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We actively participate in local river cleaning projects and are helping to promote and take part in local organic, sustainable farming. This farming is primarily not for food, but for the materials used to make thatched roofing, an integral part of our local community.
We are also working (with other local groups) towards a carbon neutral, non nuclear biomass electricity generating facility to supply the electricity needs of the Miyama region.